Tefal Virtuo FV1739 AI review

The Tefal Virtuo FV1739 is a powerful and efficient steam iron that offers a range of features designed to make ironing a breeze. With its sleek and stylish design, this iron not only looks good, but it also delivers impressive performance.

One of the standout features of the Tefal Virtuo FV1739 is its high wattage power, which ensures fast and powerful steam distribution. This means you can quickly and easily remove even the toughest wrinkles from your clothes, saving you time and energy. The iron also features a large water tank capacity, allowing for extended ironing sessions without the need for frequent refills.

The Tefal Virtuo FV1739 is designed with the user in mind. It has a comfortable and ergonomic handle that makes it easy to hold and maneuver during use. The iron also has a precision tip that allows for easy access to hard-to-reach areas, such as around buttons and collars. This precision tip is particularly useful for ironing shirts and blouses.

Another impressive feature of the Tefal Virtuo FV1739 is its anti-drip system. This system prevents water from dripping onto your garments while you're ironing, so there's no need to worry about water stains ruining your freshly pressed clothes. Additionally, the iron has an anti-calc system that helps to prevent the build-up of limescale, ensuring a longer lifespan for the appliance.

The Tefal Virtuo FV1739 also offers adjustable steam and temperature settings, allowing you to customize the iron to suit the fabric you're working with. This is particularly useful when ironing delicate fabrics, as you can lower the steam and temperature to prevent damage.

In terms of safety, the Tefal Virtuo FV1739 has a 3-way auto-off feature. This means that if the iron is left unattended for too long, it will automatically shut off to prevent any accidents or damage. This feature gives you peace of mind, especially if you tend to get easily distracted while ironing.

Overall, the Tefal Virtuo FV1739 is a fantastic steam iron that offers powerful performance, user-friendly features, and excellent safety measures. Its sleek design and ergonomic handle make it a pleasure to use, and its adjustable steam and temperature settings ensure optimal results on any fabric. If you're in the market for a new iron, the Tefal Virtuo FV1739 is definitely worth considering.

Tefal Virtuo FV1739 props and cons

  • Powerful steam output ensures efficient and quick ironing.
  • Stainless steel soleplate glides smoothly over different fabrics.
  • Vertical steaming option allows for easy wrinkle removal on hanging garments.
  • Large water tank capacity minimizes the need for frequent refills.
  • Anti-drip system prevents water leaks and stains on clothes.
  • Auto shut-off feature provides added safety when the iron is not in use.
  • Self-cleaning function helps maintain optimal steam and iron performance.
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle offers a secure grip during ironing.
  • Three-meter power cord provides flexibility and convenience.
  • The iron may be relatively heavy compared to other models, which could cause hand fatigue during longer ironing sessions.
  • The water filling hole is positioned in a way that makes it slightly more difficult to refill the tank without spilling.
  • Some users have reported difficulty in regulating the steam output, as the controls may be a bit sensitive.
  • The iron might take a little longer to heat up compared to other models in the same price range.
  • Although the auto shut-off feature is a safety advantage, it can activate too quickly and disrupt the ironing process if you pause for too long between ironing items.
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